Welcome. You are probably seeking answers to pelvic questions. This site aims to assist in guiding your search. It is by no means comprehensive and is not intended to replace assessment and treatment by an appropriately trained / qualified clinician.

Due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding COVID 19 and the lockdown in South Africa from 26 March to 16 April, various new patient contact options (assessment and treatment) are being investigated.

The Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has amended its guidelines under the current circumstances:

On 26 March 2020 the HPCSA declared telemedicine/ telehealth a valid way to provide con- tinued care in light of this national pandemic and provided guidelines in Booklet 10 of the Guidelines for Good Practice in Healthcare Professionals:

a. Telemedicine is hereby replaced with Telehealth which includes amongst others, telemedicine, telepsychology, telepsychiatry, telerehabilitation, etc and involves remote consultation with patients using telephonic or virtual platforms of consultation.

b. Telehealth is only permissible in circumstances where there is an existing physiotherapist – patient relationship. The relationship between the patient and the healthcare practitioner is established when the practitioner agrees to treat the patient and the patient agrees to be treated. (HPCSA Booklet 10: 4.2.1)

c. Physiotherapists may charge a fee for services rendered through a telehealth platform.

d. Where physiotherapists are in doubt whether a telehealth consultation will be in the best interest of the patient, they are encouraged to advise the patient to present themselves for a face-to-face consultation by seeking assistance at a health care facility closest to them.

e. This guideline is ONLY applicable during the COVID-19 pandemic and the HPCSA shall, inform physiotherapists of when this guide will cease to apply.

f. The guide will then be reviewed, depending on the guidance from the HPCSA.

g. Physiotherapists should always endeavour to ensure they adhere to the provisions of Ethical Rule 27 A of the Conduct of Practitioners registered under the HPCSA.

Pelvic Function is open for telehealth consultations. A variety of additional measures are in place including consent, and special considerations for protection of patient information (POPI).

All new consults will be conducted via telehealth to establish the need for a face-to-face consult. Much of pelvic health focuses on improving function, and that can often be done via behaviour modification with education and advice.

Pelvic Function remains open for face-to-face contacts who have:

  • serious impairment to bodily functions
  • serious dysfunction of a bodily organ or part
  • reduced functional ability due to severe pain

Those attending the practice will be subjected to a range of screening questions and infection control measures (details will be provided at time of booking a face-to-face contact).

Where possible, all follow-up consults will be performed via telehealth.

In the meantime, please find me on Instagram at 60secondswithcorina for, you guessed it, 60 second (or less) hopefully-humorous snippets of abdominopelvic pearls acquired over 22 in pelvic health.

We thank you for your patience during these challenging times and trust that we are stronger together….

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