For some patients, a few sessions of physio will be enough.

For others, they will continue to manage their pelvic experience on an ongoing basis, and for those patients we advise self management and behavioural modification options.

Pelvic Relief is an excellent UK based website with great products.

Below are some examples of products we suggest.

Handheld home units

Neuromuscular stimulation – Neurotrac Pelvitone or Neurotrac Continence

Obstetric TeNS – Neurotrac Obstetric TeNS

Electromyography (EMG) – Neen Peritone available in UK; there are minimal affordable handheld EMG units available in South Africa for home use

Probes / electrodes

You do not have to source your own probe, but may want to replace one if yours has done its time:

Self management vaginal exercise options

Vaginal weights – Aquaflex Cones (UK)

Vaginal exerciser – Elvie (UK)

Pelvic Pain

Lubricants – Astroglide (available local pharmacies), Yes (UK), Pjur (available online locally)

Dilators – Vaginal dilators 5 plastic or Vaginal dilators 6 polycarbonate or Vaginal dilators 5 silicon

Pelvic pain release – EZ wand (UK)

Erection vacuum pump device – Vacuret

Office seating – GetOne chair

Air cushion – Balance air cushion

Standing work space – Varidesk